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About Sophia

Sophia Katherine Tallon is an actress/dancer/singer/writer/doer of everything imaginable. Her desire to become an actress started when she was five and saw Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, uptill then she'd wanted to be a ballerina and play the violin and flute. She has performed for five years and counting (2010-present) at Unity Theatre in Brenham, Texas. She has written books, screenplays and a multitude of songs over the years. Her first screenplay (Kiss Me, Kill Me) was based on the first book in her book series, Love Happens also by the same name. Her second screenplay is currently (2015) in pre-production under the title Scarlet Murder and The Super Bad Club. All in all, no matter how small the part, Sophia Tallon is able to captivate an audience with her many skills. When asked what her top five dream film roles would be, she replied, 'Maximum Ride (Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment), Alaska Young (Looking For Alaska), Blue Sargent (The Raven Boys), Alyss Heart (The Looking Glass Wars), Atlanta Burns (Atlanta Burns).

Here are a few things about me:

1) I'm Irish (And British, Scottish, Austrian...the list goes on)

2) I write books.

3) I have three dogs.

5) I have five cats. (Two of them are bonkers)

6) I can write a good song in less than 6 minutes.

7) I love too many bands and singers to name.

8) I love Doctor Who.

9) I drink six cups of tea a day.

10) I love Sherlock.

11) I love Monty Python. :)

12) That's all for now!

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