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Contact Sophia/FAQ's

To Contact Sophia Tallon you can email her:
Expect a response within 1-24 hours unless otherwise stated.


How do I get an interview?
Email me and in the subject line, put: BLOG INTERVIEW
Tell me about yourself and I will get back to you. I do interviews with authors/actors/random fun sounding people who just want to chat!

How do I request a review?
Email me and in the subject line, put: BLOG REVIEW
Tell me what you want reviewed whether it's a book, screenplay, album, film, etc.

What book genres do you review?
I review any genres except the following: home repair, sports, erotica, politics, christian or specific faith based fiction. *Even though I do not review these genres I still will do author interviews with writers of these genres.

What do you review?
Books, Albums, Films, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

What forms of books do you accept?
I only accept e-books, pdfs, word docs, paperbacks, hardcovers, audio books provided by the author.

What forms of music do you accept?
Demo cds, vinyl albums, music files provided by the artist.

What forms of screenplays do you accept?
Pdfs, word docs, sometimes google docs, and printed out hard copies provided by the author.

What forms of films/tv/webseries do you accept?
DVD copies, youtube links provided by the filmmaker, director, cast or other crew member.

How can I become a co-blogger?
Email me and in the subject line, put: CO-BLOGGER
Tell me about yourself and if available include a link to your blog or some type of writing.

When do your posts go live?
I usually schedule all my posts so they go live at 12 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time.

Did this still not answer your questions or concerns? Please Contact Me!

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