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Privacy Policy Etc

Privacy Policy:
If you subscribe by email, send me an email, or send me a package, your information will not be solicited, sold, or given out to anyone.

I give out my email to you so you can email me in regards to an inquiry, please do not solicit it or sell it to anyone. You may however give it out to someone you think might be interested in the services I provide.

My actual address is given only to people sending me materials to review. Again, please do not solicit it or randomly show up on my doorstep to say 'hello' without a warning - you will be saying 'hello' to my two guard dogs and the police.

Policy Regarding Comments:
I do not have my comments sections set so that they have to be approved first so when commenting, please be considerate of others. I will not tolerate rudeness, meanness, arse-hole-ness, disrespectfulness, or anything that fits into those categories. The first time you do one of the latter things, you will not be allowed to comment for a month. If you continue, you will be permanently put in my spam folder.

Policy Regarding Re-Reviews:
I usually do not re-review things if you are unsatisfied with what I have written. You are more than welcome to email me and tell me what you think of my review of whatever you have sent me to review.

Did this still not answer your questions or concerns? Please Contact Me!

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