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Friday, 4 September 2015


Today I will be interviewing Laura Simmons! Enjoy, and remember if you ever want to be interviewed Contact Me!
First of all, tell us a little about yourself!
I grew up in northern Virginia and spent most of my career working for various Department of Defense contractors in the Washington, DC area. I have a fascination with all things metaphysical. I enjoy soap making, writing, jigsaw puzzles, bowling, vacationing at the beach with my husband, and studying tarot cards and other types of divination systems. Little Bits of Karma is my debut novel.

What inspired you to become an author?
I’ve always wanted to write a book. It was the first thing I can remember telling my parents that I wanted to do when I grew up. As a child, I enjoyed creative writing exercises in school and loved writing short stories. I gradually abandoned writing as I got older but never lost the desire to write a book.

What was the main inspiration for your most recent book?
I am captivated with reincarnation and what happens after we die. I’ve read extensively on this subject and was inspired by stories I read of different people’s past-life regression experiences and how it helped them to better understand why certain things happened to them in their current life. One thing led to another and the idea for Little Bits of Karma was born. I’m constantly thinking about these kinds of things.

Who influenced you the most in life?
My mom.

What is the kindest thing someone has ever said and or done for you?
That’s a tough one. I’m blessed to have a supportive circle of family and friends and a wonderful husband, all of them have done kind things for me at different times in my life.

Do you have a favourite author? (Or name a few)
My favorite author is Stephen King. I also like Dean Koontz. I like to write romance novels and read horror stories.

What is the best writing advice you have ever received?
A good friend of mine who’s written a lot of papers in his life said its best to write what you have in your head, get it all out, and let it sit for a few weeks. Then go back and read it with fresh eyes and you will see changes that you want or need to make. He was right.

Did you always want to be a writer and if not what did was the first thing you wanted to be or do?
Yes, I’ve always wanted to be a writer. (This was covered in the first question)

Do you like to listen to music while you write? If so, who are your favourite artists?
Yes, but I rarely have that luxury as I work a demanding, full-time day job and when I come home I spend quality time with my husband and usually end up writing on my laptop in the evening while we watch TV. Music inspires me and when I get the opportunity to write while listening to music, I enjoy Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, Journey, Barbara Streisand, Donna Summer and Barry White.

What helps you write when you're stuck and or have writer's block?
I usually just think on it. I take a break and go do something else while thinking about the characters and what they should do next. It churns in my head for a week or more. Eventually it comes to me and I immediately write down the idea or a phrase to remind myself later if I can’t get to my computer right away.

After a long day of writing etc, do you have a favourite tv show you like to watch?
I love Nashville, Under the Dome and The Big Bang Theory. I’m also addicted to HGTV.

What are you working on currently?
I’m working on a sequel/spin-off to Little Bits of Karma, tentatively titled Tough Karma. Two of the minor characters in Little Bits of Karma who cause problems are the protagonists of my next story. They unwittingly go on a terrifying journey through a life or death situation.

When you're not writing, or working, what do you like to do?
I like to work out as often as possible with our Total Gym, take long walks, go shopping and read.

What are some of your most favourite books of all time?
I read mostly non-fiction books in my spare time. I find myself re-reading The Power by Rhonda Byrne when I start feeling down. I don’t have a favorite book.

Which of your characters do you love the most and why?
I love the character of Holly O’Rourke, my protagonist in Little Bits of Karma. She’s an incredibly patient, understanding, and kind woman who tries to do the right thing and has the misfortune of falling in love with the wrong types of men. As she investigates her past lives, she is alarmed at the things she did and how her current life reflects the karma she’s accumulated. I also love the character of Bryce Decker. He’s a minor player in Little Bits of Karma and the instigator of major change for two other characters. He’s attractive, intimidating, and kind of a badass. I love his devotion to family and how he would do anything to protect the people he loves. I’m enjoying the process of evolving him in my next book.

Which of your books are you most proud of?
Little Bits of Karma, it’s the only one I’ve written.

What is the title of the last book you read/was it good or bad?
The last fiction book I read was Under the Dome by Stephen King. I thought it was good and I enjoyed it. It was different from the TV series. The only drawback to the story is that I thought it had too many characters and I had a hard time remembering who was who.

Is there anything specific you'd like to try writing about in the future?
Yes. My next book is a story of psychic warfare (for lack of a better term) between two longtime friends. One of them is a serial killer and the other doesn’t know it. The serial killer has his sights set on someone very close to Bryce. The story is pretty dark and it’s a challenge to write. Little Bits of Karma has a fun and lighthearted vibe, this one doesn’t.

What is an interesting or hidden talent you have?
Writing would be my hidden talent which has surfaced in the past two years and enabled me to write a book. An interesting talent would be that I enjoy making pretty soaps. I used to sell them at craft fairs and since I started writing, I don’t make them much anymore.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why would you choose it?
My desired super power would be to move objects with my mind. I think it’s called telekinesis. I would like to have this super power so I could easily lift heavy objects. It would be so cool to watch them hovering in the air and knowing the power of my mind is the only thing that keeps them from falling.

Is there anything else you'd like my readers to know?
Yes. I welcome feedback both positive and negative about Little Bits of Karma.

Where can we find you on social media?
I’m on Facebook and Twitter the most. I’m also on LinkedIn and WordPress, but I don’t keep up with them as much. I’m not very good at blogging. My Twitter handle is @LauraSimmons37 and my email address is I check email throughout the day and that is the fastest way to reach me.

My website is:

You can find my book online at the following retailers:

The following is a beautiful video trailer my publisher created for Little Bits of Karma:

Check back later this year as I will be reviewing Laura's book Little Bits of Karma!

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