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Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Hey, everyone! I have been really busy lately so I haven't had time to post a lot of my reviews! Prepare yourself for a bunch of stuff the next few weeks! 

To start off, I got my first Glossybox in July and below is what I thought of the items I received! (In the order of which I liked the best to which I liked the least)

1) Hey Honey I Peel Good!
I absolutely adored this product! I used it several time and it made my skin look so nice and lovely! I would definitely recommend it. The normal price is $59 for 1oz. So would I buy this? Maybe. The price is pretty high but it works so well that I just might.
2) Naked Lips Organic Lip Balm
This is now my favourite lip balm and it has a very nice peppermint smell. The normal price is $5.50 for .15oz. So would I buy this? Absolutely!
 3) Kueshi Anticellulite Booster 
I don't really have any cellulite but I used this anyway so I could let you lot know what I think! I smelled really nice and went on well. I wasn't greasy or gross. As I said before, I don't really have any cellulite so I can't say whether it gets rid of it. The normal price is $22.60 for 5.07 oz. So, would I buy this? Probably not. But maybe if I get cellulite I will.

4) Face Stockholm Eye Pencil in Dark Green
 I don't know why but the first time I used this pencil, it was really soft so I didn't like it. I tried it again recently and it wasn't soft anymore so it was better but I still wasn't really in love with the colour. The normal price is $17 for .15oz. So, would I buy this? No. Not in the dark green colour at least. I might try the black colour since I did like the way it went on.

5) Sesha Skin Therapy Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Mask
I didn't try this since I'm only 18 and don't have wrinkles. My mum does so she tried it. (Whilst we watched Doctor Who) And she said she really liked it and she liked how cool it felt after putting it in the refrigerator. The normal price for One Sheet is $9. Would I buy this? Maybe, if I had wrinkles.
If any of you want to try out Glossybox click here:

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