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Wednesday, 1 July 2015


  Today I will be hosting a blog tour for Catch My Breath and interviewing the author, Lynn Montagano! Enjoy!

About the Author:
 A fresh, new voice in contemporary romance, Lynn is a former TV news writer who decided to take the plunge and write a novel. She's thrilled that her debut series has been published by Harper Impulse. Catch My Breath, Unravel Me and Effortless were released to rave reviews. Lynn grew up in a small town in Rhode Island before venturing out into the world. She's lived everywhere from Los Angeles to Boston to Orlando. An avid traveler, Lynn's been as far away as Australia and as close as Canada. Her favorite place to visit is London. The small town girl is back on the east coast after a brief stint in Northern California. Lynn currently resides in Massachusetts, comfortably close to her beloved football team.







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What inspired you to become an author?
Hello Sophia! Thank you so much for hosting me on you your blog. I always knew on some level that I wanted to write for a living. I’ve loved creating stories since I was a kid. In second grade we had a fun assignment to share our talent with the rest of the class. Some kids danced, others sang. I wrote a story and read it to them. So I guess you could say writing has been in my blood from an early age.

What author influenced you the most?
I read quite a bit while growing up so I can’t really pinpoint one specific author who influenced me. I’d say I was more influence by the fact that we can create a whole world of people and places and things and become so immersed in it thanks to our imaginations that I wanted to try it. I wanted to write and have people become lost in a world that I created for a little while.

Do you have a favourite author? (Or name a few)
Stephen King is one of my all-time favorites. I grew up in a small New England town and since many of his books were set in small New England towns I always had this feeling that he was writing these scary stories with my town in mind.

What is the best writing advice you have ever received?
Write what you love. Write what you want to read. Write for yourself. Another one of my favorite authors, Sylvia Day, said at last year’s Romance Writers of America conference that the “only person who can make your book real is you.”
So many writers are trying to break into publishing and it’s not an easy journey. Just keep on loving what you do. 

What helps you write when you're stuck or have writer's block?
The best thing for me to do when I’m stuck is walk away from whatever it is I’m writing. Sometimes I get so embroiled in the characters that when I hit a wall, I have to leave them alone and go do something else! Sometimes I pick up another book to read, other times I watch a silly movie to help my brain relax. Taking a step back from the writing and then returning after a few days usually helps. I can reread the part I’m stuck on with fresher eyes and from there all the creative juices start flowing again.

Do you like to listen to music while you write? If so, who are your favourite artists?
Music definitely inspires me and I reference quite a few songs throughout the series that fit the situations my characters are facing. I have a playlist that I listened to while writing the whole series. The playlist I used just for Catch My Breath is huge. It wouldn’t fit in this space! To give you an idea, I listened to some of my favorite artists including U2, Coldplay, James Morrison, Snow Patrol, Kanye West and The Script to name a few. But when I actually sat down to write, I didn’t listen to the music. I keep the TV on in the background at a low volume. And it’s not something fun either. It’s usually the news! Something about the monotone drone of people talking works better for me than complete silence. Plus, seeing as I’m a former news writer, I stay well informed with current events!

After a long day of writing what is your favourite tv show you like to watch?

I will pretty much watch anything. My tastes really run the spectrum. I totally indulge in reality TV but I also love dramas like Hannibal, The Fall, Game of Thrones, etc. I’ve been known to set time aside to watch Dance Moms without being disturbed. Come on, who doesn’t love Abby Lee??

What are you working on currently?
I have a few ideas floating around that I’m trying to harness and turn into something more concrete. We shall see……

When you're not writing, what do you like to do?
I love to travel. Now that it’s summer, I try to take advantage of the nice weather and go on short road trips every weekend. Considering the winter we just had in Boston, it’s nice to drive without seeing a 20-foot snow bank on the side of the road. My other favorite thing is going to football games. Every year I try to go to as many Patriots games as possible. I was born and raised in Rhode Island so they’ve been my favorite team for as long as I can remember. I love them and have so much fun cheering them every year.

What are some of your most favourite books of all time?

It’s hard to pick! I’ve been reading since I was little so I have favorite books from different times in my life. I adored the Sweet Valley High series when I was growing up. Then I graduated to Stephen King and horror novels, so quite a few of his rank pretty high. The Stand is my favorite if I had to pick one.

Is there anything specific you'd like to try writing about in the future?

Psychological thrillers intrigue me. Red Dragon, The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, American Psycho. All of those are among some of my favorite books and I’d like to try my hand at writing in that genre. From romance to psychological thriller, who knew?

Which of your characters do you love the most and why?
The Breathless Series is the first series of novels I’ve ever written so I have to say my characters from those books! I loved writing Lia and Alastair.

Which one of your books are you most proud of?
Catch My Breath because it was my debut and you never forget your first. I’m proud of all the books in the series though. Unravel Me and Effortless are just as special to me because writing each one was a labor of love.

What is an interesting or hidden talent you have?
I can juggle. Not sure if that’s an interesting talent to have but I learned for a show I did in high school. I’m not fancy by any means with the juggling! No meat cleavers or flaming sticks. Just some apples will do.

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