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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

(BOOK) Extraction & Rebellion by Stephanie Diaz

Extraction by Stephanie Diaz

[Young Adult Sci Fi/Dystopia]

 Clementine is anticipating extraction. What's extraction you ask? It's a selection that takes place when you're the age of sixteen. It's what determines if you have enough promise to actually live in the Core. See Kiels divided into different sectors. The Surface, Mantle, Core, etc. The Core is for the top dogs, and everyones wants to be there, especially since it would mean greater protection against the acid spilling from the moon. Yes they have a shield surrounding the planet to be safe but you can never be too careful right?

 I LOVED THIS BOOK! It wasn't what I expected really. It might be a little typical or clich√© in some aspexts, but that doesn't matter because I think Stepahie Diaz did a pretty good job at writing this. I was rooting for Clementine the whole way through. With Extraction you're holding your breath, your excited, your upset, just everything! There's a bunch of emotions and good stuff in this book. It's a recommended read!

 And by the way, this is part of a trilogy. (1) Extraction, (2) Rebellion, and (3) Evolution. So if you're up for another series/trilogy give this one a go!


Rebellion by Stephanie Diaz

[Young Adult Sci Fi/Dystopia]

We continue with Clemintine's adventure and life journey in this book. Still lots of adventure and events in this one. There were some seriously intense moments. Rebellion gets your emotions going, no doubt. But personally, I don't think this was as good as the first book. Maybe the spark wore off, or my expectations were too high? I'm not really sure, but I still think it's worth the read. It may not have been as great as the last book, but it's still good!

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