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Friday, 19 June 2015

(BOOK) Adaptation and Inheritance - Malinda Lo


Adaptation and Inheritance by: Malinda Lo
[Young Adult Sci Fic]

 This duology is not your typical alien sci-fi story. At least not to me. You see the movies, you've read the magazines, and things don't seem to be THAT different or Unique. Of course there are some ideas that might stay the same. Like, the people of earth being completely and totally against extraterrestrials, and the conspiracies people have, etc. That's common in these books too, but still they held their own.
  The first book ADAPTATION you have two teens, David and Reese. They're debate partners. After they finish their debate in Arizona, when heading home they see birds just randomly falling out of the sky and the news is even talking about how flocks are just flying wild and it's mayhem. They're trying to make it home and then they get into a car accident. When they wake up things are hella different.
  This book is a highly recommended. It reels you in. The main character Reese is someone who is relatable. Her parents are divorced and she doesn't want to date because she doesn't 4hink there's any point. And she can jumble her words because she doesn't know how to convey her feelings, which i think some of us experience. I don't wanna give too much a way so I wont go into a lot of detail, especially not about the second book, but it was GOOD. 
  INHERITANCE There were some twists in there. And towards the end... Something I haven't read in any YA book so far appears. When you get to that part in the second part I'm sure you'll know what I'm referring to.
  What are you waiting for?! Seriously get your hands on this duology.
  Leave thoughts and comments, for an open discussion! There were so many good points in this book that deserve an actual talk, especially because YA books usually don't touch on the topics that were in this duology.

  P.S. Pretty good job Malinda Lo.

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