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Saturday, 27 June 2015

(BOOK) Linked & Unravel - Imogen Howson

THIS POST WAS WRITTEN by Ebony aka EGoddess!

Linked and Unravel by Imogen Howson
[Young Adult Sci Fi/Dystopia]

  I have another duology here for ya'll! I def recommend them! I thought it wouldn't disappoint, but they both with beyond not disappointing me. I was very, very pleased.
  To start off with, in Linked, you have a girl named Elissa who's 16 and she's suffered from an illness that causes her to have horrible hallucinations, and getting bruises from it all. She's become a leper in school. Her friends have ditched her, because she's now a, "freak." Seems like such a clich√© doesn't it? It isn't though. I'll fill you in, wait on it.
  Her parents have her going to countless doctors, and she's taking medication. But finally she can have some surgery done to get rid of this horrible thing that's taking a huge toll on her. The doctor willing to perform the procedure seems eager and curious unlike the other doctors. Elissa is starting to wonder if she's really ready for the surgery. Even more so, she's wondering if there's a bigger meaning behind her hallucinations. And guess what?! apparently all of the hallucinations/visions she's been having are of someone who actually exists. A girl... Her twin!
  But that's impossible. Because there's no such things as twins anymore. Not in the period she's in. Not where she lives.
  So there is a link between the twins, hence the title. People are not accepting of the twins. They are thought of as clones or "its." So the twins are on the run, and Elissa is trying to protect her twin.
--Listen! When I tell you this was super adorable and intense and thrilling all at once, I am really not kidding. Elissa and her twin come from different backgrounds, but they do what they can to protect each other, and they learn to understand one another even though it gets tough.
  In UNRAVEL there relationship is tested even further. Ugh! On top of that they have to fight off secret organizations and it's so good! I don't want to give too much away because it'll ruin it. I honestly think going into a book without knowing what it's about makes the book even better at times. But yeah, really give these two books a try! I don't think you'll regret it.

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