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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

(BOOK) Singed - Elise Jaco

A secret. An immeasurable love.
When strange things start happening to fifteen year old Blair Montgomery after a new kid starts at school, she knows something's up, but isn't sure what. She must recover from a tragic accident and move on with her life after what happened. And he's just the one to move on to.
New kid.
Qade Dangerfield.
What a name. Girls are all over him. But which one will he choose? And how will he keep his deepest, darkest secret hidden forever?

Date Reviewed: 2/3/15
Stars: ZERO
Should You Read This: NO
Age Range: 13+
Okay, so I received this book due to a goodreads 'first reads' giveaway. I feel like this author could have potential if she had an editor to guide her through the writing process. There were many mistakes, spelling and just repeating sentences and or repeating words. The plot was disjointed and unbelievable. I couldn't relate to any of the characters and the story was very short. Honestly, the blurb sounded fairly good but it wasn't.

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