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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

(BOOK) Girl Coming in For a Landing - April Halprin Wayland

One girl. One school year. All poems. From friends to first dates, school dances to family fights, this inspiring collection captures the emotional highs and lows of teen life with refreshing honesty and humor. With an authentic voice full of wit and insight, Girl Coming In for a Landing is just like high school: impossible to walk away from unchanged.

Date Reviewed: 1/1/15
Stars: ZERO
Should You Read This: NO
Age Range: 13+
Okay so my mum said why don't you read this? I thought, how awful can it be? It seemed fairly interesting and I like some poetry. Anyhow, I didn't like it. There were some okay poems but a lot were just dumb or pointless. My least favourite poem was Period. because she talks about how she can't wait to get her period and blahblah and how she'll call it an exclamation point instead cos it'll be so cool! Really? I'm a girl and trust me there's absolutely no part of a period that deserves an exclamation point unless you have uber bad cramps and you say "Ergh!!" a lot out of annoyance. OVERALL THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME!!!!

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