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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

(BOOK) Rhymes With Witches - Lauren Myracle

Jane is the sort of quiet, ordinary teenager who can walk down the corridors of her school without being noticed by anyone - especially not the Bitches, the school royalty made up of one girl from each class who is so transcendentally beautiful and fascinating that no one can help but worship her. But miraculously the Bitches do notice Jane and seem to be considering her for the freshman place in their group - she just has to want it more than she's ever wanted anything. And Jane does. So much so that when she discovers the sinister secret to the Bitches' popularity, that they take it from other girls, she goes along with their bizarre rituals. That is, until the night of the Fall Fling, when the Bitches' power is turned against one girl and Jane must choose between participating in an act of terrifying savagery or giving up the popularity she desires so badly.

Date Reviewed: 3/8/15
Stars: ZERO
Age Range: 15+
God...why do I keep reading books from Lauren Myracle thinking they might be good?! Oh, right, cos Peace Love and Baby Ducks was pretty good. Anyhow, I really don't know how she can have fame and published books when there are so many young authors who are much better than her. Who the bloody hell cares about her degree? Her books are bad. Okay, now on to the review-y bits.

This book yet again made me feel like the author was talking down to me. I loathed the main character which is a crucial part of a book - you have to like the main character! She was so BITCHY! Seriously! She's so whiny and annoying and needy and then her so called best friend was really mean. So, the main girl wants to be popular so bad and everyone worships these popular girls who call themselves 'the bitches' seriously? Yes. Sadly. This book was awful. It could have been better if I'd written it. Also the bitches get popular by stealing things from other girls and giving them to this witchy lady who has all these canibal cats in the school. (Really) I thought this was weird, the book left so many things unanswered (how'd the lady get all weird, why do the cats eat each other, blah blah blah) And at the end of the book, the main girl slightly saves this one loser girl who then pretty much back stabs her and the main girl loses her popularity whilst the loser girl becomes one of the bitches. Seriously. Then this guy who likes the main girl whom she dissed basically makes her feel all happy the end. It was a very lame ending, and an overall lame book.


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